Aunt Jackie, Style Icon

No one can pull off a raging hangover like my lady.  Sunglasses are a must, and the holey sweatpants add a nice touch.

Jackie’s house is everything I ever dreamed it would be!  Even more proving our likeness, the first time we are invited into her house, she gets drunk and falls off her bed.

These pants, I must own them. 

Perfect job quitting attire!  Never too many tiny buttons.  And with that, season one has been had.  

The rolled up sleeves and the dangly hoop earrings really do it for me.  Cool butt.

I am so curious what the hell is going on on the back of this wacky shirt.  Some sort of 1950s bowling getup?

The polka dots!!!  On her socks!!  

Woah bow!  Red keds!  

This house shirt is so right up my alley, I must admit.  It’s like a neighborhood all over, I love it.  Rad earrings of some sort and a scarf headband, alright alright.

Some sort of sweatpant jegging type deal going on here.